Friday, September 11, 2020

2019 WeeFolk Series

2019  #04 Chandler BeeWax, WeeFolk 

Handmade in Canada

Each Series has been created and designed by me.
As with all my creations they are alsew a
One Of A Kind , works of Art

This year I created 4 lil Boy’s, in the 2019 WeeFolk Series
And 3 are still up for adoption. 
I am happy to say they all got to go to the shows with me.
But since I did not get them totally completed...
For adoption, they did how ever accompany me and got worked on at my 3 yearlyShows. 
For everyone to view.
London Fall Doll & Teddy Bear Show

Winona Peach Festival,
 my SPOT is on Red Haven 
Look for me and all my creations same spot, 
Only In a 20x10 foot spot 

Thorold’s Annual Christmas Show 
#04 Chandler BeeWax  was ...
 Here is my 2019 Series lineup.
Only one is a sitter the rest all have wired armatures and legs for standing and posing.
They all came with Handmade hats and will have a musical Solid Brass Instrument.

Chandler BeeWax awaiting for his sewn in name label

With this series they each got plump lil bellies...

With the body changes I had to redo my clothing patterns to custom fit each one.
Including their little boxers. 
Chandler has a very responsible job, just as all the “WeeFolk” do! 
He has to make sure the Candlelight Lanterns all meet with The NorthPole codes!  
He is also the Bee Keeper and collects the beeswax to make his candles! 
At the North Pole it is way to cold to have Bees! But he does have a large Green House that stays warm enough to house the bees and grows fresh berries and cocoa beans! This way there is no shortages of flowers for the Bees to  do their pollination ! 
Which means... Lots to pollenate! 
More Storytelling to come...

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Rusty Tarnish the Bell Polisher

#03 Rusty Tarnish, the Bell Polisher
& his pet Pinalppe Clapper Penguin
Rusty. Has been Adopted

Here you can read his story about his job at the NorthPole
He is from my 2017 Series.
I created a total of Six WeeFolk in the second series
each one came with a little pet friend

There was:
#01 Anne Duster & Duster Bunny, ADOPTED
#02 Bubba Ribbons & Scottie Taper"  STILL AVAILABLE "
#03 Rusty Tarnish & Pinalppe Penguin ADOPTED
#04 Fred Flackery & GundBear ADOPTED
#05 Avi-Ator Copa & Bobbie Chicken ADOPTED
#06 Alberto Stag & HO-HO ADOPTED

#03 Rusty & Pinalppe spend most days polishing the many bells on Santa’s Sliegh.
Along with polishing he is also incharge of the maintenance and fixing of the bells.
It just wouldn’t be Christmas without the jingle jangle sound created from a well tuned bell! 
want to know more about the History of the Bells …
clink on the link below the picture

Rusty takes his special lil tools with him always.
When he isn't using them, he keeps them tucked away in his pocket 

he must keep them safe while him and his Penguin Pinaplle are off on adventures in the forest sledding.
click the link below to learn more about the history of sledding
this is on the Santa Approved:
Like all my WeeFolk he is has been handsewn and needle Sculptured to give him his charm.
Each one is a One of A Kind, this is #03 in the 2017 Series
He has biege ultra suede boots hand made by me
As with all the little WEEFOLK in this Series, if you look on the sole of their Boot, you will find
a embroidered picture of  their job title at the North Pole.
Except for Bubba Ribbons …

He as Gingerbread buttons and a jingle bell charm that holds his tools,
his buddy Fred Flackery lets him help in the gardens when it is harvest time.

The Smallest and youngest of this Series, which makes it easier for him to climb up and down on the Reindeer to polish their bell harnesses !
he loves to travel and went on a adventure with myself to the:

Along with Bubba and the
2018 Series of LIL WEE FOLK

his penguin wears a silver bow and bell, has  a Candy Cane walking stick .
just incase he needs a snack!

BEARS4U One Of A Kind Works of Art

his friend Alberto would help hold the reindeer steady while he worked on the Christmas Harnesses
One by one the bells get cleaned and the clappers are tuned
This is a job that takes a whole year to get ready for
Not just on Christmas Eve.
 But,  the Many Christmas parades and events Santa and the Reindeer attend all year... 
For every child waits to here the sound of the bells on Christmas Eve as Santa and his reindeer arrive in their Sleigh, spreading joy and love
Wishing you all a very Beary Christmas Season and the very best in 2019

As soon as the doors opened at the Thorold show he was whisked away...
 "ADOPTED " along with many more of my creations...

Wednesday, September 12, 2018


A Custom RealFur Bear

A while ago I was contacted to turn a couple of cured and tanned  Bear Hides into a Standing Bear!
It had been awhile since I had worked with real animal hides. Since I normally turn Vintage Fur Coats, Collars and Hats into Cherished Teddy Bears for Clients. 

 Some of my Cherished Bears and Critters over the years

Custom Black Suede & Chevron Mink
 I do not support The Useless slaughter and Hunting of our wildlife...

This Client had verified he Hunted the Bears himself legally,
and a dear friend of his had Cured and Tanned the hides...

the hides always look great on the outside...

What a lot of clients don't realize is the holes and tears on the actual hides, which means I must work around the flaws to create your Bear or Critter!
Also that I need to treat the hide if they are Dry,  Hard or sometimes moldy!
Or even worse infested with mites, fleas or worse moth eggs!
This also applies to a lot of the coats and jackets I receive for turning into Cherished Bears and Critters.

Many hours of treatment and brushing of the fur to get it ready for designing and cutting...


 I generally do the smaller bears by hand whenever possible, but the larger ones I trust my Vintage Sewing Machines to do the sewing for me...

All my machines are serviced here..

Niagara Sewing Machine Services 
(Mike and Tina Peter )
Niagara Falls Ontario, Canada
On this big bear I did a technique on the pads called " Trapunto "
It gives the feet a more realistic look!
here they are as a  WIP!
I had hoped to machine sew a lot of this big fella which didn't work out!
the hide was very thick in some spots and that meant I had to hand sew it, with my huge upholstery needles! punching the holes prior sew as not to rip or tear the hide!

Only the Head and arms where jointed for posing!  As my client has plans for him to stand in her home to Welcome her guest...
I used the largest pair of German Glass eyes I had...
I decided not to shave to much of his face side hair as it gave him character...
The client agreed.
One of the hardest parts was although both hides were Bear 
they were each from a summer and a winter hunt!  
And this was a huge change in climates, which meant a difference in the fur thickness!

His nose is one of my signature leather noses. Sculptured and created by me!
This big fella " ELVIS" has since gone home and I let my hands and eyes take a much needed  holiday!


 Creating Memories one stitch at a time...